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A Tale of Two Seals: Citizen Science At Piedras Blancas

This is the story of two young female seals who were born in different rookeries, to different mothers, within days of each other, 200 miles apart. When researchers tag and mark (with hair dye) elephant seals, it makes it possible to easily identify them throughout...


Research Blog December 2021

A NARROW WINDOW by Tim Postiff The timing of reproduction in plants and animals is optimized for success and must be balanced against growth of the organism.  For northern elephant seals, birth must be separate from migration – birthing at sea is fatal for pups. ...

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First Pup of the Winter Birthing Season!

On Thursday morning, December 16, 2021, we saw the first pup born at the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Viewing Area (south beach).  And he has a name.. Casey! A record four people accurately predicted the date in our "first pup" contest.  Congratulations to Cindy...

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Elephant Seal Vocalizations- A Virtual Field Trip

Have you ever heard the sounds an elephant seal makes? If you have, you would have noticed that they are very loud. You also would have noticed a number of different sounds.NOW ON OUR YouTube Page. Take a virtual field trip with the Friends of the Elephant Seal to...

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