Anglerfish: Felted Alpaca Sculpture


Anglerfish needle felted sculpture with 3″ loop to hang as an ornament

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When it comes to anglerfish there is no shortage of fascinating facts.  Like the elephant seal who dives at the very depths of the ocean where no sunlight can penetrate the anglerfish calls these depths home. You would think there is complete darkness, however there is light. The anglerfish has a fishing pole like rod protruding from its head, and at the tip of this rod, is a shining light which is created due to bioluminescence bacteria. This light attracts prey!

Exquisitely hand Crafted in Peru from Peruvian alpaca by Lanart Alpaca, needle felting is an art using fiber to create soft sculptures. 

  • Designed with 3″ loop  to hang easily an ornament
  • Dimensions: 6 in. length; 3 in. width; 3 in. height
  • Fair Trade Practices


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