Jaws Shark: Felted Alpaca Sculpture


Exquisitely hand crafted in Peru from Peruvian alpaca wool with 3″ loop to hang as an ornament

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Great white sharks (white sharks) are a species that dates back 70 million years. Records indicate that the earliest known shark dates back 450 million years. This means there is an overlap of sharks being predators in the ocean while dinosaurs roamed the land! They can grow up to 20 feet long and live up to 60 years. White sharks are the number one predator of the elephant seals with most attacks occurring near the surface. Elephant seals mitigate this threat in a fascinating way, such as diving for food at depths that the shark will not go. The seals actually spend 90% of their time in the depths of the ocean only to spend 2-3 minutes at the surface to breathe. The typical dive duration is 30 minutes, however they can dive and hold their breath for an hour or longer!

Exquisitely hand crafted in Peru from Peruvian alpaca by Lanart Alpaca, needle felting is an art using fiber to create soft sculptures. 

  • Designed with 3″ loop  to hang easily an ornament
  • Dimensions: 6 in. length; 3 in. width; 3 in. height
  • Fair Trade Practices
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