Humpback Whale: Felted Alpaca Sculpture


Exquisitely hand Crafted in Peru from Peruvian alpaca wool by Lanart Alpaca with 3″ loop to hang as an ornament 

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Spring through fall is the best time to be scanning the California Central coast for whale activity. Large numbers of humpback whales visit the California Central coast and further north for feeding on highly productive up welling zones. They spend their winters in the warm water of Mexico and closer to the equator. Whales have incredibly deep social ties, for example they utilize an extraordinary hunting strategy known as bubble net feeding, which is a learned behavior that is passed on from generation to generation.

Exquisitely hand Crafted in Peru from Peruvian alpaca by Lanart Alpaca, needle felting is an art using fiber to create soft sculptures. 

  • Designed with 3″ loop  to hang easily an ornament
  • Dimensions: 6 in. length; 3 in. width; 3 in. height
  • Fair Trade Practices
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