Shelby the Brave Little Pup of San Simeon Bay


Shelby the Brave Little Pup of San Simeon Bay Children’s Book

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Did you know that pups only get to nurse from their mother for 28 days? After that the pups are called weanlings because they have been weaned from mom’s milk. The weanlings then stay on the beach 6-8 more weeks, resting in pods with other weanlings. They teach themselves to swim, practice their breath holding under water and get plenty of rest. Like their mothers they then have to head out to sea alone for their food foraging adventure. It surely is a brave pup that takes on all the responsibility of being a seal!

Follow along on Shelby’s adventures as an elephant seal pup on the Central California coast with vibrant illustrations and a heartwarming story. Growing up alone in San Simeon Bay, the brave little pup learns about courage and friendship. Shelby is an adorable full-color children’s book for all ages. Signed by the author.


  • Written by Julia Stanert, Illustrated by Jayne Koontz
  • San Simeon Press
  • Publication Year:  2009
  • Full color
  • Hardcover
  • 30 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-930401-79-2
  • 8.75x 11.25 inches

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