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Big Sur is a river and a region on California’s Central Coast. Extending for 75 miles along the Pacific shore, from south of Carmel to north of San Simeon, the Big Sur Coast is defined by the backdrop of the rugged Santa Lucia Mountains as they abruptly descend to meet the sea. For millennia the home of native people, Americans and Europeans began to settle Big Sur country even before California became a state. This book combines outstanding photographs from 40 collections, ranging from family albums to institutional archives.

  • Pages: 128
  • Publisher: Arcadia Publishing Inc.
  • Imprint: Arcadia Publishing
  • Series: Images of America
  • Publication Date: 29th September 2004
  • State: California
  • Illustrations Note: Black and White
  • ISBN: 9780738529134
  • Format: Paperback

Author Jeff Norman and the Big Sur Historical Society have collaborated to tell the complex story of Big Sur’s origins and the social fabric that ties the community together to this day. Jeff Norman, a biologist, historian, and writer, has lived on the Big Sur Coast since 1970.


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