Porcelain Sea Otter with Shell


Hand Painted Porcelain Sea Otter

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Sea otters live in the kelp forest.  They are a keystone species, this means that the overall health of the sea otter population is a direct indictor of the health of the kelp forests and the ocean as a whole. Sea otters serve as ecological stewards of the kelp forests through their harvesting and eating of urchins. Without otters the urchins cause destructive damage to the vitally important kelp forests.

The southern sea otter is still a threatened species and always remember to give them plenty of space when otter viewing (5 boat lengths is the standard rule of thumb) if they stop what they are doing and look at you, you got too close.

  • Hand Painted Porcelain Sea Otter
  • Approximately 2.75 inches long x 1 Inch wide x 1 inch tall
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