Folding Guide- Marine Mammals of the Northern California Coast


Indestructible lamination – water and beach proof

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Northern California marine environments include near-shore waters, the continental shelf, the continental slope, deep submarine canyons and a large bay fed by mountain rivers. This folding guide illustrates over 20 marine mammals including near shore and off shore species. Learn about common visible behaviors and migration patterns in this folding guide that has a wealth of knowledge.


  • Humpback, fin, gray, blue, and minke whales described
  • Other nearshore species included: sea lions, sea otter, elephant and harbor seals
  • Illustrations and text by by Pieter Folkens, marine mammal expert and author/illustrator of Guide to Marine Mammals of the World (Knopf, 2014)
  • Includes a detailed bathymetric map showing migration paths,  whale watching centers, places to view whales and seals from shore
  • Indestructible lamination – water and beach proof
  • Instant access to just what you need to know. Perfect for those on a whale watch!
  • ISBN: 9781621261797

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