Women’s Elephant Seal Socks


Women’s Elephant Seal Socks

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Dominant bulls, also known as beachmasters, have harems, which have commonly been observed to have 25-50 females. There are usually beta bulls around the perimeter of the harem, which are tolerated by the alpha bull because they keep the less dominant males away. In return, the beta bulls hope to have access to the females when the alpha bull is occupied. This way the alpha bull can spare some energy! Also available in ivory.

Making a striking fashion statement, these socks are very popular among marine life lovers worldwide! Beautifully designed and durable.

  • For every pair of elephant seal socks purchased, SockSmith® donates $1.00 back to Friends of the Elephant Seal.
  • Graphic cotton crew socks
  • Women’s sock size 9-11, Fits U.S women’s shoe size 5-10.5
  • 52% Nylon, 45% Cotton, 3%Spandex
  • Designed with love in Santa Cruz by SockSmith®

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