It’s not too late to support these students!  

 If you missed this or haven’t donated yet please donate to the Cal Poly student research crowdfunding campaign to send these amazing student researchers to present their work in Australia.

There will be 9 students presenting at the 25th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals, including:

-Stella Raymond – Polar pelts: Morphology and thermal function of the pelts of Weddell seals

-Liv Springer – Development of apneustic breathing in northern elephant seal pups

-Kenzie Davidson – The northern elephant seals of Piedras Blancas: a story of recolonization, movement, and monitoring

-Maria Lopez-Neri – How does a lobster trap modification for sea otter exclusion affect the catch rate of California spiny lobsters?

-Katie Saenger – Movement of weaned northern elephant seal pups during their first at-sea foraging migration

-Kate Riordan – A novel comparison of southern sea otter fur buoyancy across ontogeny

-Adelle Wilkin – Temporal variability of cetacean presence off California’s central coast

-Molly Murphy – Novel characterization of adult female northern elephant seal pup attraction calls.

-Hayden Dillon – Relating male dominance rankings to aggression behaviors and copulations in a polygynous breeder, the northern elephant seal.

See the link below:

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