January 12, 2023
(Simplified Chinese and Mandarin) Winter Birthing and Breeding-

Quick Elephant Seal Facts


Now in our collection of multilingual resources on the Friends of the Elephant Seal YouTube channel!

Many thanks to Jianwen Liu, Friends of the Elephant Seal docent for her translation and narration of the new video about the Winter Birthing and Breeding season in Simplified Chinese and Mandarin language.
This 14-language video series features native speakers who provide a seasonal overview of the winter birthing and breeding season. Video narration includes text in video comments.
Language translations curated by Brandt Kehoe and Kathleen Curtis. Photos and videos by Max Fowles, Phil Arnold, Leo Dewinter and Kathleen Curtis.
With much appreciation to all the translators and narrators who made this project possible. The elephant seals benefit from all of your great work!
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